Data Lovers: Neural Network / Graphic SDedign / 2018 /
Awards 2018 QUT Science in Focus Image Competition

The scientific image “Data Lover” has been chosen as a finalist in the 2018 QUT Science in Focus Image Competition.

This image is a combination of art and technology. I wish to deliver a meaningful message by this picture which connects technological neural network and spiritual humanity properly. I learned painting in high school, and I am doing my master of information technology at QUT. Initially, this image was painted with watercolour and acrylic. Afterwards, I added some technological elements around the head portraits, such as data and artificial neural networks. It is a hope that technology should maximise the benefits for humans’ lives, but not produce obstacles and fears for them.

Importance/impact of the research connected to the image:
“The research area linked to the image is Data Science. This field is charming but also a challenging discipline. Data Science applies theories and techniques to extract some profound knowledge or insights from large amounts of the database. However, Data Science is not limited to bid data, and it can include some methodologies, such as machine learning, data mining, data processing, statistical learning, database, data visualisation, pattern recognition and so on. In short, Data Science may have a chance to reflect human’s history and even make a right prediction in the future.”