“HOLYWAR” Painting / Acrylic Mixed Media / 353 cm x 150 cm / 2008 at 18th Street Art Center, Los Angeles

Ming Hsu, chosen to be a visiting artist at the 18th Street Arts Center, Los Angeles, which sponsored by Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan in 2007, is going to hold his solo exhibition at Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taiwan. Unlike the title “Does the song have something to do with our love?” this exhibition is bringing us to see how the history affected us in an ironic way. This combines with 40 drawings and a huge piece of painting.

A significant breakthrough in searching subjects of his creations and in pinpointing his style of painting came during his artist-in-residency in LA. His new painting style formed by painting dripping in acrylic and using multi-materials, such as beads, and paper money attached on the canvas. This huge masterpiece was entitled “Holly war”, which is also a continuous work of an adult-underground animation art project “Republic of China, without People!” It conveys its theme “Anti-war” in an artistic, humorous, and wry way.

In linguistics, languages are nothing more than human conventions. The language varies from time to time, updates gradually and vanishes if it’s not in use. So does the history. The history keeps updating every day and the older one comes to a conclusion that being forgotten or newly interpreted. While the history repeated itself this way, men would never learn lessons from it. They make nothing but mistakes over and over. So Ming Hsu creates an imaginary world, according to his stream of consciousness. In the piece, he made the real history into his one, which is full of cartooned-like icons, fancy objects, and the moves that represent Ming’s own humor. This explains his motif in creating his series of “adult-underground” works.

According to Jean Baudrillard, a well-known French social theorist and critic, he stated about “simulated” version of reality and a state of “hyperreality”, that is to say, our life is a media construct. Our consciousness is constantly moving between what is the truth and what is fantasy. Because all we see is an attitude pieced together by media symbols, a fabricated “war of symbols”. The truth is also covered up by the world this media has created. Reality made by the media is more real than reality, causing our inability to differentiate between wrong and right.

If Jean Baudrillard’s controversial theory was right, then Ming Hsu deducted that the happened history may not be really existed as what we thought, to say in other words, “September 11 attacks” and “June 4 Massacre” might only be make-up history events by media.

Ming’s “adult-underground ”works urging to express his observations of different cultures. By knowing that every culture is unique and so different from each other, so does his works of art. It simply reveals what he truly is and how he defines “his” history. Any comments are welcomed.