Typography Design / Determination of Confucius / 2003

2003 Determination of Confucius / Puppet animation

Because modern people are more and more unfamiliar with Chinese cultures, what is more, they feel depressed and uninterested about them and realize the Analects of Confucius are just ossified doctrines. And force children to memorize during their stage of learning, which contrarily causes backfire. There is an example that people live in England who never wants to read Shakespeare as long as they live. Being unfamiliar with traditional cultures owing to different ages, environment discrepancies, and conflicts between Chinese and Western civilizations, we think of the new interpreting and designing performing skills. By using vivid cartoon animations to interest all of us in Chinese cultures anew.

Due to the Chinese cultures is now gradually sinking. In order to keep original cultures, enhance people’s impressions of the Analects of Confucius, and let it be the index and truth of how one conducts oneself in society. With new interpreting skills to give it new meanings, without making it become depressed and serious.