Determination of Confucius / Character Design:: LULU / 2002

LULU ( Zhong You, disciple of Confucius – action man):
He is brave, cruel, rough and rude. Knowing and doing are the same, and he is willing to work hard. Loyal to his friends, he studied hard. Brave but impetuous, he lacks judgment and has an uncomplicated mind. Faithful to his teacher, he was older than the other students. Born to a poor family, he knew what he had to do, but if he failed to do it, he would be afraid of a new task. Hope to unify knowledge and action. Lacking creativity in art and music.

Ideal: a militarist and a politician, he was perfectly firm and resolute, able to make instant decisions, and repent and reform. He kept his “noble man die, must wear well” bearing before he died.

Lulu’s personality analysis: Filled with enthusiasm, he would do whatever he had promised without delay, and he had good faith. He had hardy personality, and valued law and order. His anger was terrible to behold. Possessing great loyalty, he studied hard and was impetuous.

Characteristic of exterior: Sturdy with strong shoulders, a wide head and neck, protruding eyes and a jutting jaw, which gave him a rough appearance.

Favorite: Singing and dancing
What he hates most: Villains, he despises wickedness