DM Design / Christmas Drama Play / 2016

The graphic above is a DM design work for the Christmas play of Taipei Bread of Life International Church in 2016. The flow chart shows that the whole thinking process from the Beginning to the final illustrated present.

Through this project, I enjoy the entire hands-on making procedure regarding this DM design, especially, with recalling my color pencil skills that I used to draw several years ago. This time, I have found a new painting skill once again.

At first, I read the script and start collecting some illustrated examples to discuss with the director and producer that which one is their favor in the drama. After that, I start brainstorming and attempt to create several rough sketches, then I carefully drew three primary plans and let them pick one of them as a result. Eventually, I finalize the final design that was pointed by the director and paint it in the end as you can see in the graphic above.