Determination of Confucius / Character Design: ZEN / 2002

ZEN: Shen (Zeng Shen, disciple of Confucius – Famous for filial conduct):

Dull, responds slowly, honest, introverted, plain-speaking, hard working, willing to examine himself, and filial. Although honest and serious, he appears to be stupid. Confucius says that he is a great deal of trouble. However, he intuitively perceives that the basic concepts of Confucius’ theory are ‘loyalty’ and ‘excuse’.

Shen’s character analysis: Dull, slow to respond, filial, lacking confidence and cowardly, he loves to sleep, possessing the special skill of falling asleep immediately. Honest, he is respectfully serious.

Characteristics of appearance: His body appears stupid, fat, and lacking energy. He walks at an exasperatingly slow pace and loves to wear sunglasses. (Because he has the characteristics of a trapped animal. –As soon as he sees the sun, he will die.)

Favorite: Sleeping and eating
Hate most: Exercise