Determination of Confucius / Character Design: HUHU / 2002

HUHU: Huai ( Yan Hui, disciple of Confucius – Famous for his moral conduct ):

Fond of learning; virtuous; matches words with deeds; refuses to vent his anger on somebody who’s not to blame; does not make the same mistake twice; draws insights about other situations from one instance. Suffers from poor health.

Having advanced his knowledge all of his life, he can apply the knowledge acquired from books to practical situations. His family circumstances are very poor,「He eats food with a bamboo utensil for holding cooked rice and drinks water with a ladle made from a dried gourd. Although he lives in a plain house, he does not mind, and he is always very happy.」

Aspirations – Do not brag about your advantages; do not ask others to do your work; and live a virtuous life.

Huai’s personality analysis: Although he is sickly, he loves to read and always has a book in his hands. Honest and frank, he enjoys quiet places by himself. His family is poverty-stricken, therefore he mends his clothes again and again. However, he has a philosopher’s temperament.

Characteristic of outward appearance: Skinny, tall and humpbacked with thin wrists and long fingers. He always has a worried look whenever he is not satisfied.

Favorite: Reading and thinking.
Disagreeable: Sickness