Determination of Confucius / Character Design: COCO / 2002

COCO: Gong ( Duanmu Ci, disciple of Confucius – A skillful diplomat):

Extremely intelligent, eloquent, discrete and quick-thinking, and he has an insightful nature.
Tzu-gong’s political and diplomatic relationships are very complicated. Numerous problems depend on eloquence, rather than sharp words. He possesses abundant knowledge and rapid reaction. After Confucius died, he went into mourning for three years and then three more years. He thought about his teacher’s statements and morals every day. The Confucianist spirits were very touched.

Gong’s character analysis: He speak like a sparrow chirping and his speech tone is very fast with a clear melody. Impetuous, he regards himself as everybody’s darling.

Favorite: Likes to gossip, talk rubbish, and band together.
Hate most: Just and upright men.